End of Workshop
Support Materials
Usually during a workshop questions will arise that pertain to worksheets assessment game mats teacher’s guide etc.. Mention that you have the following materials which the teachers may wish to view after the workshop.
Decimal Squares Teacher’s Guide: This guide has 33 steps or lessons each on two facing pages. Each step contains an objective student activities needed materials and a reference to follow-up worksheets. The back of this guide has over 30 games for learning about decimals and an appendix that relates the teaching of decimals and fractions. There is also an appendix of Reproducible Materials that includes Place Value Tables Number Lines and several types of Blank Decimal Squares.
Teacher's Guide
Teacher Resource Package: This package contains worksheets tests and answers. The worksheets are organized by the seven major decimal topics and are accompanied by a list of objectives and a performance test for each topic. There is also an achievement test for the entire set of worksheets.
Resource Package
Place a transparency of the following partial outline of three of the five major files from decimalsquares.com on the overhead. Note that this site has resources for teachers and eight challenging Interactive Computer Games for students. You might mention the following highlights: One of the five major files on the Home Page (outlined in blue) contains extensive details on the Decimal Squares Program including the Decimal Squares Teacher’s Guide and its files (outlined in red) Teacher Resource Package suggestions for guiding students in Writing About Decimals the steps in this workshop (Decimal Squares Teacher Workshop) and Ordering Information. The other two major files (not shown on this transparency) have NCTM Journal References on Decimals and Decimal Links.
A handout of materials will enable teachers to begin implementing some of the workshop ideas the next time they meet with their students. This handout might include the following: Directions for a few games especially those played or described in the workshop; Black and white masters of Blank Decimal Squares sheets; Master sheet with a good quality copy of the tenth hundredth and thousandths squares; Summary of key information from the workshop; Your e-mail address for follow-up questions; the URL for the Decimal Squares Web Site http:/www.decimalsquares.com; Address of the company that sells pockets for the Posterboard Holder (see opening paragraphs above on Preparation of Materials; and the address of one or more companies that sell the Decimal Squares materials. Scott Resources Hickory Street P.O. Box 2121 Fort Collins Colorado telephone 1-800-2899299 is the parent company for Decimal Squares. They will send out catalogs for Decimal Squares and will sometimes donate decks of Decimal Squares or sell them at a discount for teacher workshops.
Display Table
Some teachers will appreciate a chance to see the Decimal Squares materials such as the Step-By-Step Teacher’s Guide game mats worksheets etc. Mention that they are welcome to look at these items and ask questions following the workshop.
Some teachers will want information on ordering Decimal Squares materials. Catalogs can be obtained from Scott Resources Inc. (see above address). You may wish to leave catalogs by the door or on the Display Table.
The following quote may help some teachers to think about the need for teaching concepts before symbols.

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