Preparation and Materials
Materials for Workshop Tables
Ideally teachers should be at flat-top tables in groups of four. Place the following materials on each table: a deck of Decimal Squares and a deck of Decimal Playing Cards for each pair of teachers; a Decimal Squares Bingo mat for each teacher; several sheets of Blank Decimal Squares; a Place-Value Table Decimal Squares Grid and Number Lines mat for each teacher; and a handful of game markers and a die for each pair of teachers. The table for each group of four teachers might look similar to the one shown in the following photo.
Materials for Workshop Demonstrations
The workshop is designed for use with an overhead projector. The following items will be needed: overhead water-base markers extra blank sheets of transparency a few game markers a die and damp paper towel for changes at the overhead. Masters for all transparencies occur throughout the files for the workshop activities and games. It is convenient but not necessary to make a Posterboard Holder with pockets for the transparent Decimal Squares and this can be placed on a chalkrail or tripod near the overhead projector.
The following workshop photo shows equality of decimals being illustrated: .10 = .1
Display Table of Decimal Squares Materials
It will be helpful to have a Display Table in the front of the room with Decimal Squares materials such as the Step-by-Step Teacher's Guide the Teacher Resource Package (includes student worksheets) game mats etc. During the workshop you may want to refer to some of these items. The Display Table could contain all the items in the Decimal Squares Classroom Center together with its carrying/storage case.

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