Teaching Students Decimal Concepts
The seven files below are intended to provide an introduction to students in the use of the Decimal Squares model for illustrating the part-to-whole concept of a decimal equality inequality and the four operations on decimals. There are comments and suggestions for teachers as well as tables of analysis from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). Fifth graders with teacher Peter Schiot
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Usually instruction is centered around teaching rules for using decimals but the purpose of the illustrations in the following files is to suggest ways to provide an intuitive understanding of decimal notation equality inequality and the four basic operations. These illustrations will help show teachers how to make connections between the models and the algorithms for learning about decimals.

Transparent Decimal Squares are recommended for illustrating the games and activities to a class. For further teaching suggestions and complete day-by-day lesson plans see Decimal Squares Teacher's Guide and for worksheets and tests see Decimal Squares Resource Package.


Introduction to Decimal Squares
Equality and Inequality
Introduction to Decimals (symbols)
Place Value
Decimal Operations
Creating Number Lines

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